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Daboia: A vivid BMW K75 cafe racer from Matteucci Garage


There are pros and cons to picking a K-Series BMW as a custom donor. On the up side, Ks are more readily available than their immensely popular boxer-powered stablemates, and cost less. But on the down side, they’re almost terminally ugly. To turn a K75 into something truly attractive, you need to deal with a plethora of parts that are all visually awkward. From the fuel tank to the frame, the K75 has more angles than a geometry paper—and it takes a keen eye and crafty thinking to navigate around them. Marco Matteucci of Montegranaro in Italy clearly has the edge. He has a background as a photographer and designer, so aesthetics rank high on his list. And he’s taken the gawky late-80s BMW K75 and turned it into a slick cafe racer with a molto fresco color scheme.…

Custom Bikes Of The Week: 23 February, 2020


A classic Triumph flat tracker from the race director of the Wheels & Waves festival, a Virago influenced by 90s Japanese import culture, and the latest oddity from Lazareth. Ducati Monster S4 by Barn Built Bikes Whether you leave them stock, sprinkle them with aftermarket parts or really got to town on them, old Ducati Monsters are cool. This 2002 Monster S4 used to fall into the second category; loaded up with bolt-ons, but without any serious fabrication work done. So the crew at Barn Built Bikes in Belgium decided to take it up a level. Most of the parts that the previous owner had added on came off again, and got sold to fund the rest of the build. The first major undertaking was reworking the fuel tank.…

Westlake Tagand Special: A Guzzi 850 T3 from Deus


You’ve probably heard the word ‘bitsa’ thrown around these parts if you’re a regular here. For the uninitiated, it’s a motorcycle that has ‘bits of everything.’ Bitsas are the mongrel dogs of the custom motorcycle world… and just like mongrels, some of them are hard to look at. But others are cross-bred in just the right way. This Moto Guzzi 850 T3 has Triumph, Norton, BSA and Dresda Triton bits on it, and it’s a total knockout—thanks to French builder Jeremy Tagand, who spins spanners at Deus ex Machina’s Australian headquarters. Deus’ client for this bike is a chap called Roger, who already has an enviable collection of customs from the Sydney shop. And then he called them up for another one: he’d picked up a tired 1975 850 T3 from a local Guzzi guru, John at Motociclo.…

Switch eSCRAMBLER: the best-looking electric bike yet?


Electric motorcycles still seem like a brave new world in some quarters, but the technology is maturing fast and the novelty is wearing off. Shanghai-based Kiwi expat Matthew Waddick has been building street-legal electric customs for years now, and knows this well. “Electric bikes are not new anymore,” he says. “You can’t wow people just by being electric—you need to do better than that.” So Matthew’s ramped up his operations, set up a production company called Switch, and just released this stunning ‘eSCRAMBLER’ prototype. And we reckon it looks as good as any petrol-powered bike out there. That’s because the design comes from Michel Riis, a former Yamaha Japan designer—and Danish flat track champion. The brief was for a mid-size motorcycle with similar proportions to Shanghai Customs’ eTRACKER concept, but with a more powerful motor, belt drive, and a more refined design.…

Euro style, down under: Ellaspede’s BMW R100R


In the thriving world of BMW R-series customization, there’s a strong design trend in Europe that hasn’t taken off in other countries yet. The core features are a floating single seat, chunky tires, small guards, lots of black, offset lights and super clean lines. Builds from the Amsterdam shop Ironwood are the perfect example. The style hasn’t made it down under to the big Australian shops—until now. Ellaspede’s latest build hits a bulls-eye on the European style, with a crisp and understated finish as good as any from a northern hemisphere builder. “We’ve ticked off a few individual ‘Euro’ items on recent builds,” says Ellaspede’s Hughan Seary. “But our client Sam was the first person to come to us with a vision that ticks all the boxes.”…

Tokyo Nights: Upgrading the classic Honda CB900F


Unless you can identify a motorcycle just by its engine, you’ll have a hard time pinning down the exact year and model of this muscular Honda four. We’ll clue you in: it’s a 1981 CB900F. But it’s wearing parts from so many different donors, it’s hardly recognizable. Calling it a ‘bitsa’ would be highly unfair though. That’s because owner and builder James Berreau has done such a good job of piecing it together, it looks almost stock—like some forgotten naked bruiser of the 90s. James is based in Minneapolis, where he works as an R&D test technician for a global corporation. But he’s also got six years experience as a US Air Force aircraft tech. He works out of his garage with little more than a bike lift, TIG welder, and his granddad’s WWII-era lathe on hand.…

Before the doors opened: The 2020 One Motorcycle Show


The grassroots custom moto show is big business now. The big events pull in hundreds of display bikes and thousands of punters, whether it’s Wheels & Waves in France, the Bike Shed in London, or the Handbuilt and One Moto shows in the US. The stats from last weekend’s One Moto Show in Portland are impressive: over 200 bikes on display, ten thousand beers sold, five bands performing and around 80 vendors selling everything from hard parts to soft leather jackets. The show is run by Thor Drake’s See See Motor Coffee Company, and for the 11th edition, the venue moved to The Veterans Memorial Coliseum, a 1960s masterpiece of mid century modern architecture. Sponsored by Indian Motorcycle, the latest show had five times the space of last year’s.…

Ducati SS1000: Redesigning the SportClassic GT1000


Like any proper cult vehicle, the Ducati SportClassic was hugely under-appreciated when it was first released. That’s probably because it was ahead of its time—blending retro style with contemporary performance, just before modern classics were as popular as they are now. Or maybe it’s because its looks simply didn’t gel with everyone. Most pundits think of the Terblanche-designed SportClassic as timeless and elegant—but others write it off as awkward and portly. Take the crew at Greaser Garage in Genoa, in northern Italy. They love the bones of the GT1000 model, and reckon it has potential—but the potential is “hidden under a bulky body that makes it heavy and not very pleasant to look at.” Ouch. Greaser Garage founder, Giorgio Pellegrino, has been working on bikes since he was fifteen.…

Beach Cruiser: An Upcycled Suzuki GS650 from California


It’s not unusual for car guys to transition to motorcycle customization: after all, the skills required are similar. Johnny Nguyen proves that theory—he’s worked on cars most of his life, but lately he’s been building some pretty slick bikes. Johnny operates Upcycle Motor Garage as a one-man-band out of his workshop in Anaheim, California. This stripped-down 1981 Suzuki GS650 GL is his latest work, and it’s a total product of its environment. Built as a personal project rather than on commission, Johnny’s concept was pretty straightforward. “I wanted a fun and aggressive bike to ride up and down the SoCal coastline,” he explains. So it’s no surprise that the Suzuki now has a strong two-wheeled hot rod vibe going on. As donors go, the GS650 GL is as quirky as they come.…

Daily Driver: A KTM Duke II street tracker from Dubstyle


Twenty years ago, street-legal supermotos weren’t really ‘a thing.’ But in Europe, change was in the air—and the KTM Duke II was one of the catalysts. The rough-and-ready 625 cc single was huge fun on short trips, and helped set the template for future supermotos. Over the past couple of years, custom supermotos have become more common, delivered by builders who value performance as much as aesthetics. And one of those builders is Garett Wilson of Dubstyle Designs in Colorado, USA. “These Dukes have a cult following, but not many people really know them,” he says. “Google the things—they were nothing short of ugly!” This Duke is Garett’s daily rider now, but he had a vision for a KTM street tracker years before he began this build.…

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