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Little Tire Skilled Rider Vs Sport Bikes LOL!


#5 is totality trolling these sport bikes. I know, can't really do much without a straightaway but I love it! Check out that little baby back tire!


Passing On The Right Ends In A Sad Motorcycle Crash


I hate getting these videos but it is a reminder of just how fast you can hurt yourself while riding a motorcycle. This rider crashes and appears to have hit a road sign. Please ride safe people.


Onboard at the Macau GP riding a Yamaha R1


Ride with yt:Horst Saiger, first 4 laps of the Macau GP on a Yamaha R1! I have always loved to watch this race!


Painful Ducati Motorcycle Crash


Watch as a van causes a rider to crash his nice Ducati motorcycle. Looks and sounds painful.


Two Riders Crash Head-on! Ouch!


I have no info on this motorcycle crash. Two riders crash head-on at low speed. Thankfully the rider recording the video appears to be in good health.


Squid Rider Going 160mph On A 600RR


BorderlineAlaska: Back when I sucked at rev matches and corning but still sent it. Check out my track day videos to see my improvements.


Rider In Pain After Crashing Running From The Cops


You know those crazy videos of riders getting away from cops? Well here is one that didn't. This idiot crashed into a random car and ends up in the hospital with serious injury's. My favorite part is 01:49 LOL!!!


Passenger In Bikini Bottoms Gets Some Nasty Road Rash


Dam! Nothing like crashing and grinding your skin onto the pavement. Or is this some kind on new age hair removal treatment? LOL!


Funny Rider Gets A Face Full Of Wall


The bike next to him must have been so shocked to see that crash. Check out those feet! Bahaha!


Moto2 Rider Romano Fenati Pulls Rival's Front Brake


Moto2 rider Romano Fenati has been dropped from the Marinelli Snipers Team. Probably one of the dirtiest troll moves I have seen in years.

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