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INTERVIEW: Jay Donovan from Baresteel Design


Can you introduce yourself to our readers? Where you are from and what you do? My name is Jay Donovan, I live in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and I suppose I would say that I’m a metal fabricator/artist who is learning how to build motorcycles. While I definitely approach building in a very artistic way, my goal and intention is to continue exploring ways to do so that impede less upon function and grow the harmony between both a motorcycle’s static, or visual impact, and it’s kinetic function.

HOOLIGAN HARLOT: Louis KTM 1290 Super Duke R ‘Caty M. Glam’


Written by Martin Hodgson Head to the sprint races at the Glemseck 101 in Germany each year and you'll see a host of once tame street bikes tearing up the track. But for the fine folks at Louis, Europe's largest retailer of motorcycle clothing and accessories, they wanted to start with something already crazy and then really get wild. So they slapped down their cash for a bike known in the industry as 'The Beast', a KTM Super Duke R, the most menacing hyper naked money can buy. Then with their canvas laid bare they've thrown all but the kitchen sink at the Duke R, called it Caty M. Glam and the lipstick clad femme fatale was ready to strut her stuff on the 1/8th mile!

FACTORY FRESH: 1974 Honda MT250 Elsinore by Fossick Moto


Written by Paros Huckstepp. With the hours in a day of isolation stretching out, we stare into clean sheds, and out onto empty roads. Dream builds manifest in our minds and stretch further towards the boundaries of our imagination. Impossible combinations of powerful engines rammed into elegant frames. High spec parts bolted between endlessly customised metalwork. On and on we dream. Yet it’s the refreshingly simple rebuild and restoration of this 1974 Honda MT 250 by Steve a.k.a Fossick Moto from Sydney, Australia, that has our attention today.

BADASS BEEMER: BMW K100 ‘Project K’ by Spitfire Speed Shop


Written by Martin Hodgson No matter where in the world you are, the likelihood is that you're currently socially isolating and doing your part to help stop the spread of the lethal Coronavirus that is devastating countries around the globe. So although the UK's Spitfire Speed Shop was hoping to debut this stunning bike at the now cancelled 2020 Bike Shed Show as one of the invited Pro Builds, we're instead beaming it into your homes for your safe viewing pleasure. From a big and boxy BMW K100 they've stripped it down to a true minimalist cafe racer, showing off all their skills with some brilliant custom touches until the final form took shape to reveal the Kaiser, Project K.

BOUNDLESS IMAGINATION: The Zero Zero by Vtopia Design


Written by Gerald Harrison – Owner of the The Zero Zero Ducati Hypermotard. Meeting Giorgio Cerrato for the first time in the Spring of 2017 was a memorable moment, he was delivering The Zero Zero, his first Ducati Hypermotard under the guise of Vtopia Design, a bike he had been tinkering with for 7 years. The man is tall and waif-like, with a shock of black hair and more than a hint of a Tim Burtonesque caricature. The boy started competitively racing motorcycles at the tender age of six, reaching national championships and ultimately teaching circuit technique at a professional level, he subsequently graduated from Politecnico di Milano as an architect. His bikes are therefore a beautiful amalgamation of finessed design and the brutality of a full blooded race weapon.

MIRACLE MISTAKE: Honda CB750 ‘Tuna’ by FingersCrossed Moto


Written by Paros Huckstepp The miracle of making mistakes is they lead to interesting places. The journey down the path reveals more detail, more possibility, and more to learn. FingersCrossed Moto has forged a path by running a small community garage in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and helping members learn to create their own. Yet, for founders Matt, Matt, and Joseph, continually forging that path means finding new mistakes to make. This bikes journey begins with one trusting dude and an incorrectly ordered swingarm.

A TIMELESS MEMORY: Honda CL350F by Northbilt Customs


Written by Ricky Ventaglio “You say you want a revolution. Well, you know, we all want to change the world” sang John Lennon in 1968. Honda Motor Co., Ltd. took Lennon’s words on board and between 1972 and 1974 the factory produced what would change the face of motorcycle racing forever. Soichiro Honda’s deepest memories were of the golden days of Honda racing, following his attendance at the Isle of Man TT competition in 1954. Here, his decision that the factory would build not Twins or Singles but the then incredibly revolutionary four-cylinder machines (Fours series). One of these being the 350 Four as a tribute to the Honda racers he loved so much such as Jimmy Redman and Mike Hailwood.



Written by Martin Hodgson Five years is a long time to wait for anything; foreplay is important but too long and you run the risk of your partner getting so bored they pack up and go home. But BMW knows the game well, teasing the public at first with the R5 Hommage and then dropping the engine off to a few custom builders to do the rounds of the world's biggest shows. Now the beast from Bavaria is revealed before you for the very first time, in the exact trim with which it'll hit showrooms floors. The BMW R18 is the boxer bruiser to take on the power cruiser market, equal parts brains and brawn and we've got all the information you need to know.

MYTHICAL MACHINE: Yamaha XS360 ‘Smaug’ by Panache Customs


Written by Martin Hodgson Known as the one with the 'wrongful impulse to hoard, to accumulate beyond what one can use and to refuse to share with others', no he is not the bloke on your street stockpiling mountains of toilet paper, but the great dragon of The Hobbit, Smaug. This was the creature that came to mind when Charles and Enzo from Panache Customs stood back to admire their latest build. A French workshop renowned for their incredible attention to detail and brilliant build quality. They've once again taken on the challenge of building a Yamaha XS360 custom and delivered a fire breathing result that's nearly impossible to slay!

RAGING BULL: Honda CB750 by Bull Moto Custom


Written by Martin Hodgson They say you have to go big or go home; and as last year was drawing to a close we featured a high quality custom build from a new shop in Bulgaria. With the scene just getting starting in the country it was hard to know when we might hear from the workshop again. Well, we didn't have to wait long, as Bull Moto Custom has had huge success since their opening salvo was fired with the company already tripling in size. Back with another Honda, the crew headed up by Ivan Mushev isn't playing around, giving an old favourite a full makeover. With just their second full build they've added their unique Eastern European design to a Honda CB750 and come out with a trick sports tourer they call GT2.

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