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Under Pressure – Project RE Continental GT 650


What happens when you task an Avengers-style West Australian dream team of builders with a crazy 6-week deadline? In short, this Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 cafe racer. ‘Project RE’ is the work of Billy and his team at Rogue Motorcycles in Western Australia. He built the bike after Ric Steele, owner of MotoMAX, contacted him with a proposal. Ric asked Billy if he would like to join forces for the upcoming Royal Enfield Australia Busted Knuckles Build Off. Ric pitched a relatively straightforward brief and thankfully Billy accepted.

Gear Review – VKTRE Heritage Road Jacket


The line between motorcycle riding gear and street fashion has been well and truly blurred. California based VKTRE Moto Co. specializes in creating high-end motorcycle apparel. Their catalog is made up of modern interpretations of classic designs built to withstand the rigors of riding. As part of their commitment to making great-looking riding gear, they offer a tailoring service to create a jacket that’ll fit you like a glove. Each VKTRE jacket is handcrafted in their LA-based studio where they are able to maintain the highest level of quality control for their customers.

Skilling Up – Steven Wilson CB750 Supersport


Three years ago I featured a very special build built by Steven Wilson of BC, Canada. The bike, a CB750 cafe racer named Pedro, was built in honor of a lost friend and fellow motorcyclist. Today Steven is back with another impeccable cafe racer. For this project, he’s returned to the Honda inline-four platform this time choosing a ’71 CB750 Supersport as the donor. His goal was to create something new that would force him to learn some new skills and the results speak for themselves. Here’s Steven’s story of how his latest CB750 came to be.

Riding Gear – Merlin Chase Jacket


The Merlin Chase jacket is an all leather motorcycle jacket from the UK based riding gear manufacturer. Sporting timeless tracker-inspired styling the Chase features a two-tone design that stands out in a sea of all-black alternatives. To make this stylish jacket both comfortable and safe Merlin has constructed the jacket’s black torso and brown sleeves from supple, abrasion-resistant 1.2 – 1.3mm cowhide leather.

Death Machines of London – Honda Goldwing


The Death Machines of London (aka DMOL) never do things by halves. Their workshop has produced some of the most unique custom motorcycles in the world since it launched in 2016. Founded by designer James Hilton and engineer Ray Petty their portfolio of work would look right at home in the halls of the Tate Modern. Their latest creation is no exception. It uses elements of Japanese design to form what is their most radical motorcycle to date. This bike, based on a 1977 Honda Goldwing GL1000, is the Death Machines of London – Kenzo.

The Australian made Savic Electric Motorcycle


The motorcycle industry is finally starting to embrace electric technology after the rest of the automotive world left them behind. With companies like Harley Davidson now producing their Livewire electric motorcycle it won’t be long before other major manufacturers follow suit. Harley can’t take all the credit for that though. Before the team at Milwaukee had even considered an all-electric model, independent companies were taking it upon themselves to fast track electric motorcycle technology. Down here in Australia one company that’s sparking a lot of interest is Melbourne’s Savic Motorcycles.

Riding Gear – Rev’it! Hydra 2 Gloves


You may be the kind of motorcyclist who laughs in the face of winter, but nothing’s funny about riding with cold, wet hands. Riding gear experts Rev’it! understand the challenges of year-round commuting. They’ve developed an extensive range featuring gear designed to keep you riding no matter what mother nature’s up to. Unsurprisingly, when it comes to keeping your digits dry and warm they’ve got a solution for that too. They call them the Hydra 2 gloves.

Father’s Son – Le Bouterollier BMW R60/7


Experiences from our youth can have a profound effect on what we do later in life. For Jean-Pierre, it was time spent with his father on their BMW R60/2. Despite pursuing a career in IT later in life, Jean-Pierre’s passion for motorcycles never left him. So in late 2017, he decided to do something about it. He signed up for a 3-month motorcycle mechanic training program to hone his technical skills. Then, with a crisp graduation certificate in hand, he made the big jump from IT professional to custom bike builder by opening his workshop, Le Bouterollier. Twelve months on Jean-Pierre successfully divides his time between IT Consulting and building motorcycles. Of all his work to date, his latest custom creation is the one he is most proud of. It’s a project inspired by his father’s bike and the first cafe racer to roll out of his workshop. This is the Le Bouterollier BMW R60/7 cafe racer.

Boy’s Rare Racer – Suzuki Egli GT750


The Suzuki GT750 dished out white knuckles, wide eyes and closed casket funerals when it was released in 1971. Blessed with exceptional power delivery and cursed by poor handling, noted chassis guru Fritz Egli built three experimental frames in the ’70s to try and tame the beast. Only one survived. Or so everyone thought. Today we bring you Extremebikes’ latest creation — the second Egli Suzuki GT750. In local racing circles, Boy Meinkehn’s known as a Water Buffalo fan. So when his friend Roelof called him from the Netherlands saying he’d come across an old two-stroke triple he might be interested in, Boy’s ears perked up. It ran a first-generation GT750 engine, Roelof explained, but there was something funky about the frame.

Riding Gear – Spidi Super R Jacket


It’s not often we find riding gear in the sportbike sector that appeals. To us, most of it looks a little too Power Ranger-ish to suit our choice of two-wheeled steed. However, when it comes to the Spidi Super R jacket, we’re willing to make an exception. Although this riding jacket features your typical sports bike, elbows out cut, its slick styling would look right at home on any modern cafe racer.

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